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For those looking to seek out the hottest and safest casinos online, then our review of the site, will reveal all the information and data you require that will help you to secure a brand-new platform. Casinos India is India’s leading comparison site that provides independent reviews and insightful information on exclusive casino bonuses, live casino, casino games, banking methods, and the latest casino news.

This is the ideal place to start looking if you are completely new to the idea of gambling online. We will be helping you to understand what legal rights you have with the Indian gambling laws and what you can actually take part in and experience when you play online.

Online Casinos accept Indian players

Casinos India is an independent online casino guide built with the expressive intent of helping people that live in India regions to find a secure and licensed online casino in India.

The market for online casinos in India has been growing at a rapid rate and what comes with such an expansion is increased risk of illegitimate sites looking to take onboard unexpected players and either provide poor service or much worse.

By forming an independent casino review site as they have, players are able to learn through unbiased information about the true nature of online gambling and provide players with a platform that offers licensed and secure sites.

Those using their services are able to expand their knowledge in other important areas, such as learning about how the banking process works in India because it is no easy thing.

For gamers looking to play for the first time can access 100% free casino games that enable them to learn rules, strategy, and play for fun with no risks or cost.

What tends to put Indian players off in taking these initial steps to discover online opportunities comes down to the unclear laws that surround gambling in India. How can it exist in a communal sense with India’s land-based casinos and how is it different when it comes to the services via the internet? We begin our review with the legal side of things to help you give full clarity and understanding on this sensitive part of the subject.

Online gambling legal in India

Casinos India makes it very clear as to how the law works, so we will paraphrase their explanation of the how’s and why’s.

In 1867, India, under British rule at the time, drafted the 1867 Gambling Act which at the time outright banned gambling in India, which before was a common social norm. After India’s independence in 1947 many laws were reviewed over time and as such through the decades which followed the Gambling Act when through its own evolutionary changes to tie in with the times.

We can jump forward to recent times where we can see land-based casinos throughout India, mainly in the tourist parts of the country like Goa and Sikkim. This came from government allowing states of India to have licensing laws and govern their own state-owned casinos.

When the internet came along in the mid-90s the laws aimed to stop any advertisement of online casino in India and the government, like so many other countries in Europe, put a ban on domestic businesses from producing their own online gambling services.

So, how is it possible to have online casinos in India? Well, the answer is very simple.

The Casinos-India casino review site provides players with licensed foreign casinos that are registered outside of India. They are not built in India, worked on in India, nor registered there. They are completely foreign entities and this is the loophole that makes it legal for Indian players to use the sites Casinos-India review.

This is no new thing, how the laws on gambling work in India are exactly the same in some European countries, even American, Canada and Australia. No government, with the exception of North Korea would dare to enact laws that would look to control what people do online. There is no current law that prohibits players within India’s borders from accessing online websites that have been built in Europe and there never will be a law.

Now, just like thousands of online sites, the casinos recommended by Casinos India are still able to take rupee currency as a form of payment. This is why these sites are still referred to as online casinos in India despite not being technically in India.

So, should you wish to play online and win real rupees, know that your only real option is through foreign casinos that have been licensed by external governing bodies. These authorities or commission include the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

They provide the backbone for legitimacy and security. Do take note that these are not just casinos built for the sole purpose of entertaining Indian players. These are international gambling services that provide a platform for multi-nationals. The games and services are all the same, you will just be paying with rupee currency to win back further rupees if you are lucky.

Online baccarat in India

As you already know, our own site is dedicated to the majesty of playing online baccarat, so is this even possible within any online casino in India? Well, the answer is yes.

The casino review site presents players with numerous options in the field of online baccarat that can be played either as a digital feature, much like how online slots are played. An example of this would be the game Baccarat Pro from NetEnt. The alternative is the option to play live baccarat games which are provided by the best Indian casinos online which are reviewed in Casinos-India.

When it comes to the live gaming of online baccarat, players are introduced to an immersive gaming world, created and built by Evolution Gaming. They have developed a worldwide streaming service that allows players to engage with live dealer hosts and hostesses. This is as real as gaming gets online, with the option to chat directly with the table’s dealer made available.

Gaming variations appear within the live gaming category. Games include Baccarat Squeeze, Speed Baccarat, No Commission Baccarat and the newer Lightning Baccarat game.

Best online casinos in India

So, what exactly is offered by the so-called best online casinos in India? What special ingredients of service and features go into making a world-class platform? Well, in answering this, we share with you just how Casinos India make their reviews for each legitimate online casino in India.

With the Casinos-India reviews, they provide a brief overview of data that looks at the game numbers, the providers, the current exclusive welcome bonus and who the casino is licensed by.

Reviews all begin with the legitimacy of the casino. This is the most important factor when deciding the qualities of a site because they, of course, must be legally recognised as a gambling service.

The reviews then highlight the unique qualities that come with the casino. What players should hope to see are dynamic features that set casinos out from one another. Examples of this could be specialist bespoke bonus games that no other online casino has. The platform of Sports Betting. It could perhaps be that the casino offers greater ways of contact like WhatsApp and Skype.

If a casino is to prosper it needs to stand out. The competition online is so expansive that imitation is no challenge for diversity, no matter how many games or how flashy the bonuses are made to appear.

In reviewing the best casinos online, the focus of games is obviously important. Ideally, you will want to join a site that is able to offer multiple platforms, so that players can experience a full service.

The reviews at Casinos-India cover ground on the games provided with the categories of slots, table games, jackpots, and within the Live Casino section if available.

Naturally, the best casinos will be able to offer a range of games that for Indian players include Teen Patti, Poker, Andar Bahar, Slots, online baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack to name a few.

The bigger sites open to the Indian market will have Teen Patti and Andar Bahar available within the Live Casino sections just as we mentioned with online baccarat. You can play these traditional Indian games with dealers that speak English and Hindi.

The best sites should be able to feed the appetites of many different players and what comes with this is the quality of the software and this too is reviewed.

Software is all about the provider, the developer that makes the games, supplies them to the casino and helps generate the thousands of wins that happen every day. The better the software, the better the collection of games will be, thusly, more interest from potential and existing customers.

Part of Casinos-India service is to provide exclusive bonus content, something they take close inspection on within their reviews. Now, the brilliance of a site isn’t about how many free spins are rewarded in a bonus or how much money is given in free credit. The qualities observed in their reviews are the fairness within the bonus terms and conditions. The best casinos online will share with fair and honest offers.

Players must also take note that bonuses will often change so, this in itself, is not a very concise thing to pass judgement on fully. Tied in with the bonuses, is a look at any additional services that bring about a VIP experience or perhaps a Loyalty reward program.

Rewarding members for their continued support is a favourable move for a casino to make and this is why the best have such programs in place.

Lastly, the best casino sites in India will support their players with the best banking services. The Casinos-India site has a whole section on the subject of online banking methods that you can read about, and you should, given that banking comes with some tricky issues…

Play in rupees

Banking is, as they say, a bit of a pickle. All of the online casinos in India are faced with an unfortunate task of having to provide players with different means of payment due to the rule and regulations of India’s Reserve Bank.

In short, the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) does not like transactions that are carried out with links to gambling services. The actions may be innocent but for them, it is a means of stopping money laundering. As such, players in India must use alternative payment services to help them to deposit into the casinos and to help them withdraw also.

Payment services like Skrill and PayPal are-wallet services that allow players to bypass the stringent rules of the RBI that can cancel transactions if casinos are linked to the payment.

With Skrill, for example, you will need to set up a new service account with them that can be done with an email. You connect your original bank account with the Skrill e-wallet service and transfer between the two. From the end of the casino, you add your Skrill service as your method of payment, thusly, transferring the money between bank and casino through the third-party of Skrill’s service.

This is a necessary course of action if you are to play any game online.

Online casino India

There are plenty of secure and legitimate online casinos in India and the services of Casinos-India make it possible for you to find and acquire the best casino sites in India.

Their reviews of the available service are totally unbiased and extremely well-detailed across all fields of their gambling business. Outside of their casino reviews, the platform enables players to learn about other important facets of the industry. From banking to gaming guides, players will be well informed about the important areas associated with online gambling.

Get in-the-know with the support of and experience the greatest online gaming available to Indian players online.