Online casino India: How to be safe

safe at Online casino India safe at Online casino India

The federal government stance on gambling online legal is not quite clear. It bans gambling, however, the ban does not affect internet gambling. The law effecting this ban does not include 'online activities.' You should know that bans are not regulations, they are simply bans. Therefore, the online casino India and sports betting industry are not regulated.

Lack of proper regulation means that any fraudulent overseas casinos can simply offer its services to Indian players. The complex legality of online gambling means it is up to Indian players to protect themselves when gambling online. Playing at a fraudulent casino is very risky and should be avoided. Here are some tips for Indian gamblers on how to be safe when gambling online.

Play at a Licensed Casino Online

The Malta Gaming Authority is the major issuer of gambling licenses to online casinos. This information is very important because the Indian federal government does not issue online casino licenses. Before playing at any online casino, ensure it has a license of operation. The Malta Gaming Authority is not the only issuer of gaming licenses. However, the online casino should have an operating from its country of originality.

An operating license is something to be proud of. It shows that the online casino is a legitimate one. Indian players do not need to search far. A good online casino in India will display its license information on its website. You can use the information to confirm if the license is original.

Opt for Indian Casinos with Wide Variety of Casino Games

The aim of any good online casino is to offer players with the casino games they prefer. A wide range of players means a wide variety of games. Most overseas casinos do not operate only in India. However, a good online casino in India will incorporate Indian casino games.

Teen Piatti and Andar Bahar are some popular Indian casino games. Other popular foreign casino games like poker, slots, blackjacks and roulettes should be available to players. Player experience is crucial for the reputation of a good online casino.

Play Only Games You Know How to Play

When playing online, opt for online casinos with a wide variety of games. A wide variety of games increase the chances it will offer your favorite game. This is very vital as regards the safety of Indian players. While it is important to play for fun, you should not blow away your money trying something new.

Even when you want to try different or new online casino games, ensure you know the basics of the game. Players should also learn the techniques of any game they want to play. For games of luck, only play popular games with good RTP value.

Ensure Online Casino Website is Secure

Signing up or registering at an online casino India implies offering some sensitive personal and financial information. This information includes personal bio data and credit card details. It is not information like this you want in the wrong hands.

Before registering at any online casino, ensures that the website URL begins with a 'HTTPS' protocol. The 'S' stands for 'secure.' It implies that the website is a two-way street. No one besides the players and the web administrators have access to the website.

Unlike most other threats, playing at a website that is not secure goes beyond gaming. Anyone with your credit card details can steal money from your account. There have been reports of credit card frauds via scam online casinos. Indian players should protect themselves by playing only at secure gambling websites.

Do not Play at Indian Online Casinos with Ridiculous Bonuses

Sometimes, players are the architects of their own downfall. Greed often blind players to other warning signs of a fraudulent casino. Most scam online casinos in India often use ridiculous bonuses to woo players. Their offer free bonuses on real money games online.

Free spins, no deposits and other bonuses are not the most important features. To gamble safely online, avoid online casinos with ridiculous bonuses. This is even more so if they show signs of a scam casino.

Only Play Real Money Games Online that are Popular

Online casino games have a feature that ensures that money flow is not one-sided. This feature applies particularly to games of luck like slots. Games of skill are down to fair house rules. For games of skill, the 'return to player' value ensures that the casino online games are fair.

Return To Player Value is a percentage at which the slots machine pay players back some money used in betting. This feature is very important for slots, considering the odds against the players.

Return to player value of popular games are available to the public. This does not apply to less popular games. To this effect, it is important to play only popular real money games online. Unlike most states that regulate internet gambling, the Indian government does not regulate gambling or review new casino online games.

Always Read Third Party Reviews

Brand image is a very necessary feature. Brands like online casino often employ a communications manager to manage their online presence. The job of this communication officer is to maintain a positive brand image for the online casino. The communications officer regularly develops online content to make the online casino look good.

This is why the website or social media platforms are not the best places for getting information about a casino online. If you use these mediums to get information, you will only see and hear what these online casinos want you to see and hear. They will hardly state their downsides. When they do, they will whitewash the effects of these downsides.

The best place to get 'real reviews' about online casinos are third-party review websites and gambling communities. These third-party review websites are owned and operated by individuals who are experts in internet gambling. These people also undertake the risk of playing at various online casinos and narrating their experiences.

​​Besides gaming review websites, online casino communities are also credible sources for unbiased information. Unlike review websites, online casino communities are not centered about the website operator. These communities involve the input of various community members.

Indian players should endeavor to join these online casino communities and visit review websites. These avenues offer the most comprehensive information about online casinos in India. They will also help Indian players avoid fraudulent online casinos.

The Best Indian Online Casinos

There are still credible online casinos where Indian players can play real money games online. Some of these online casinos include the following:

  • Royal Panda Casino
  • Casumo Casino
  • Betway Casino
  • 10 cric Casino
  • 22Bet Casino
  • Casino Days Casino
  • Pure Casino
  • Europa Casino
  • Planet Casino

This list is not exhaustive. Whichever casino you choose, don't forget to use the above mentioned tips in order to ensure a good and safe gaming experience. Bet wisely!